Please chat with us before you order.  We can help with design, size, color, and other options that you may not be aware of.  You can order online with the shopping cart in a gallery or download an order form HERE.

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The artwork is printed on either CANVAS, ACRYLIC, or as a MUSEUM-QUALITY FINE-ART PRINTwhich you will frame yourself.  Some x-ray views are Landscape, some Portrait, and some Square.  Triptych prints are three Portrait prints side by side.  There are many ways to mount the artwork, if you have seen it, so have we.  Get in touch and we will price it for you.


Canvas Prints

Material is gallery-grade poly cotton-canvas stretched snugly over a solid wood backing frame. The frames are light but strong, 1.25 inch thick wood.  Canvas prints are Giclee printed with vibrant colours on a textured surface, then laminated to resist moisture and fading.  Canvas prints come ready to hang with mounts included.

Canvas 24 x 24: $240

Canvas 30 x 20: $240

Canvas 36 x 24: $290

Canvas 36 x 36: $360


Close-up Sample of Canvas



Acrylic Prints 

A vibrant alternative to traditional printing; crystal clear acrylic.  Images are printed directly onto precision-cut acrylic substrate or photo paper mounted on acrylic. Acrylic prints are like into a window! Bright, vivid colours and crisp details are viewed through a glossy, glass-like surface, giving the impression of life-like depth and dimension.  The combination of quality inks and tough acrylic make acrylic prints one of the most durable ways to display your photos. Acrylics are virtually immune to spills and stains.  Prints come with pre-drilled corner holes and four brushed aluminum spacer mounts. The print is held securely a short distance from the wall as if it’s floating.

Acrylic 24 x 24: $290

Acrylic 30 x 20: $290

Acrylic 36 x 24: $390

Acrylic 36 x 36: $540


Close-up Sample of Acrylic



Fine-Art Prints

For reproducing digitally captured artwork, high-end ink jet (Giclee) printing on fine art paper is now the industry standard. We print on an ultra high-definition printer on quality archival acid-free textured art paper to produce artistic prints with greater fidelity, finer detail and greater longevity.  These sizes are the most common but we can print any size you order.  Please call for more details or if you want framing prices. These prints are meant to be framed or mounted by you, if you would like to receive a framing/mounting quote from us, please send us an email HERE.

Fine Art Print (unframed) 28 x 28: $160

Fine Art Print (unframed) 30 x 20: $160

Fine Art Print (unframed) 36 x 24: $190

Fine Art Print (unframed) 36 x 36: $230

Fine Art Print (unframed) 40 x 60: $370




Triptych Prints

Triptychs are all available as Acrylic, Canvas, and Fine Art Prints for you to frame or mount. Any 3 prints in a vertical (portrait) orientation can be printed as a triptych.  Please contact us to discuss, you can decide on the prints yourself.  Examples are HERE

Acrylic Triptychs 20 x 40: $440

Acrylic Triptychs 24 x 48: $580

Canvas Triptychs 20 x 40: $260

Canvas Triptychs 24 x 48: $350

Canvas Triptychs 30 x 60: $485

Fine Art Print Triptychs (unframed) 18 x 36: $170

Fine Art Print Triptychs (unframed) 24 x 48: $230

Fine Art Print Triptychs (unframed) 30 x 60: $300